AJ Bear on WPW

On Sunday June 9,2019 the 35th World Partnership Walk is going to take place at the Legislature Grounds in Edmonton. I’ve been going to the walk for the past 30 years and I recall how eager our young daughters were at this time of the year as they got ready for the “big walk.”. AJ and I would frequently bike with them to the grounds, stopping for McDonalds or Dairy Queen along the way, which always added to the excitement.

I’m getting excited again this year as I watch the next generation play their part in support of this incredible cause. My nephew Ali Murji is the Walk Chair for Edmonton and of course he has motivated his entire family, as well as many others, to be ambassadors for the walk. All three of my grandkids are involved and tickled pink as they are Captains of the teams they have created. Selina was on Global news this morning and talked about the global impact of the walk. To hear her speak about the importance of helping the less fortunate and helping end poverty just makes my heart soar.

A bit more information on WPW in case you are not familiar with it: In 1985, a group of women in Vancouver came together to raise funds to support the work of AKFC. All had come from Africa or Asia and wanted to give back to the communities they left behind. They persuaded 1,000 other Canadians to join them in a walk to fight global poverty and raised $55,000. That first walk grew into an annual event, held in 10 cities across Canada with the support of tens of thousands of volunteers, corporate sponsors and participants. Thirty-five years later, the World Partnership Walk has raised more than $110 million – making it the largest event in Canada in support of international development.  The four main areas of focus are Rural Development, Civil Society, Health and Education. 100% of the proceeds raised go to support the cause.

If you are available, come out to the walk this Sunday and learn more about the movement and enjoy the festivities and the barbeque. The registration begins at 08:30 and the entertainment starts at 09:30 along with a 5k fun walk.

AJ Bear is going to be there with his team!

ADDENDUM: The walk was very successful and over $600,000 was raised to help the fight against poverty. My favorite part was meeting Jane, CEO for Kisumu Aga Khan hospital who gave a very emotional and heartfelt speech about maternal and fetal care and the impact that the AKDN funds make at the grassroots level. I was able to talk to her about my next project in rural Uganda and we shared stories and ideas and I feel more empowered to proceed with this project. (I’ll tell you about it in another chapter once we have approval from the HEAL International board.

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