AJ Bear on changing tires

I wanted to accomplish my goal of biking 50 km and with the help of my 3 new e bike girlfriends, we set out to do that today. Our aim was to get to Nymph Falls and have a picnic and then ride back again. Unfortunately, before we reached half way, one of the ladies got a flat tire. My first thought was “is there roadside assistance for bikes?” Likely not.

I was getting prepared to abandon our bike ride, but before I knew it, two of the ladies had flipped the bike over, removed the rear wheel tire and were then in the process of removing the tube and finding the puncture. (Apparently it’s really important to know where that is, so that you can determine exactly where on the tire the damage occurred.) Whilst the two were fixing the tire, the third lady was re-directing traffic. Everyone was cool and collected and seemed to know exactly what they were doing.

What did AJ Bear and I do? Well, we took pictures of course! As part of any flawless resuscitation, somebody has to document the procedure . I learnt that in medical school. One of the sayings that we have in medicine about procedures is: “See one, Do one, Teach one. ” I am saddened to say that I will have to see more tire changes before I can attempt to do them.

Once the new tube was inserted and pumped to the right pressure – I believe the gauge said 40 psi- we were set to ride again. Alas, our hands were filthy and smeared with bike grease. One of the ladies produced a makeup wipe – that’s right- makeup wipe and unbelievably just one makeup wipe removed all of the grease!

We made it to our picnic spot and thoroughly enjoyed our food. I was starving and my legs were jello but I was too embarrassed to complain, especially since I realized i was two decades younger than my newest friend! The bike ride home was uneventful. Total distance travelled by bike today? 60 km 🙂

So what did I learn today? 1. there’s no roadside assistance for flat bicycle tires. 2. Makeup wipes take off more then waterproof mascara. 3. Don’t mess with crunchy granola country girls- they know what they are doing!


  1. Love the biking journey. I went with some friends the other day. I could never do that journey. I did the legacy trail with the boys a few years ago. It was 55km. I could not sit down at the end. 🤣🤣


    1. E bikes are much easier Rhonda! I’m feeling great today so am going to go out again on my own for my last date with Duchess until i see her again in August 🙂


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