Day 3: Hofsos to Myvatyn

Today we set out to the northern part of Iceland via the Troll Peninsula (Trollaskagi). The weather started out misty and gradually improved to beautiful blue skies. Our first stop was in Siglufjordhur which was a delightful fishing village and its claim to fame is the herring industry. There is a herring museum there and a lovely hotel by the ocean named “Siglo hotel”. The town oozes an old world charm. This is as close as we were ever going to get to the Arctic circle. Suffice to say, we didn’t go into the water and instead had some amazing hot chocolate in their lounge.

Thereafter, we went to Akureyri which is the second largest city in Iceland. Then off to Godafoss waterfalls where we were able to hike right down to the falls. The drive itself was just stunning. From peaked mountains with glaciers to table top mountains, vast rolling hills covered in moss and shrubs with incredible fall colours, waterfalls and ocean and rivers, we saw it all. I’ve always found Canada breathtaking and have enjoyed travelling through it’s many landscapes. Iceland has all the Canadian beauty but within miles of each other. It seems that God just decided to raise this volcanic land mass from the ocean and put everything possible into this island. Add to that some landscapes that I have not seen in my travels on planet Earth. And for more entertainment, there are some suicidal sheep who love to come down to the road and just walk around the vehicles.

Our final stop for the night was in Myvatyn where we saw more craters around the Lake and went to the Myvatyn nature baths which are a set of geothermally heated pools and steam baths set in a manmade lagoon. Heaven on earth.

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