Day 5: Myvatyn to East Iceland

We woke up before sunrise and left our picturesque campsite to head out of the Myvatyn area and landed into Hell. No kidding. There’s a place called “Viti” which is Icelandic for “Hell”. Viti is an exceptionally large explosive crater 300m in diameter and with green water at the bottom. Not for swimming. You would burn. Very eerie.

We also toured the volcanic areas in Leirhnjukur(“Clay peak”) where steam was blowing out of the craters and fissures.

Thereafter we drove east and stopped at some magnificent falls. The Icelandic word for waterfalls is “foss:”. We saw Dettifoss which is Iceland’s most powerful waterfall and Selfoss which empties into the Greenland sea. Both were spectacular. The cliffs around the falls are gorgeous.

After visiting the falls we drove to Egilsstadir and then to a small town called Seydisfjordur. The drive into Seydisfjordur is supposed to be incredibly scenic and “disappears into otherworldly landscape of mountain ponds” according to Rick Steves. Unfortunately, intense fog rolled in from the ocean and we could barely see the road let alone the icebergs bobbing in Heath Lake on either side of us. The picture below is our view of the drive . My new friend states that the long boarding scene that the stunt double for Ben Stiller from the movie “Secret Life of Walter Mitty” was filmed down this road.


    1. Thx again Chris- i’m going to miss not looking after you. Wishing you all the best. BTW, there’s another Vagina monologues on Feb 22 and 23 in the event you and your friends are interested in attending. I will post the information on the blog soon.


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